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Hi! I’m James Greening

Welcome to Fake Website Buster, a scam website checker for exposing unsafe websites that pose dangers to users such as fraud, phishing and more. I’m James Greening and I review websites to help you avoid shopping scams, investment scams, job scams, recovery scams and many others.

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Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

About Fake Website Buster

James Greening is a pseudonym. Due to the nature of my journalistic work uncovering cyber criminals, I prefer not to use my real identity. I have been fighting scams actively since 2020 after seeing the number of online scams skyrocket during the global lockdown.

On the Fake Website Buster blog, I analyse scam websites and try to expose them so that consumers can prevent losing their hard-earned money to online thieves. Fake Website Buster helps thousands of people each day prevent being scammed online or get help if they have been victims of scams.

However, for each scam website that’s exposed, there are many more that fly under the radar. Therefore, I also work with ScamAdviser to raise awareness about the latest types of scams and scammers’ tactics by writing about scam trends.

It is my mission to make as many people aware of online scams as possible. By knowing about the signs of a scam to watch out for, consumers can identify scams themselves without having to rely on the help of others.

Apart from fighting scams, I love taking care of cats. If you find the information on this website useful (or would like to buy my cats treats), please consider supporting Fake Website Buster.

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